Are colors really that important?

This is the question that kicked off my day, while I was thinking about one of the landing pages for an online advertising campaign.

Color wise, we all tend to have a pretty good notion of what looks good and what doesn’t (besides some design impaired or color blind folks).


The fact that my landing page was causing me to hitch, rang the alarm bell and got me googling for literature. Here’s a short list of the to-the-point articles I found around the subject (in no particular order):

The good news is that information across these articles is consistent and complements itself.

If you need to reconsider the colors you’re using in your landing pages or your entire website, give a look at these articles and try to identify the sensations that you want your visitors to have so that they take the action you want.

Happy coloring!

PS: now that I understand a little more about how colors work, I’m off to recolor my landing pages and see how that affects the conversion rates… Stay tuned for the results in a future post. I hope I can brag about a 500% increase… let’s see how it goes! 🙂


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