In my last post I mentioned that I was going to change some colors of my landing pages to see if that had a positive impact on conversion rates.

I focused on two elements elements that were potentially harming my conversion rates:

1. The Background: The sidebar background was a post-it like yellow. In a laptop it looked ok, but on LCDs and CRTs it was kind of irritating. I discovered that yellow is the most offending color to the human eyes, and 30% of my page was yellow, so I was actually irritating my visitors. So, I decreased the brightness to smooth it up – the page still looks great, the attention-grasping effect is there, and visitors are not bouncing off the page as much.

2. The Button: The “download now” button was red (ouch, I know!). Red is one of our brand colors, and it made a lot of sense to have a red button. It was eye catching and made the call to action stand out from all the rest. The problem is that red has an association with danger! If you think of it, in most war movies, the “nuclear meltdown” button is red! So I decided to change the color to blue, which is considered a color of trust, with a corporate feel. Blue means safe!

And did it work? Hell yes!

Although I had the gut feeling that I was going to see improvement, I never expected to see such a boost in conversion rates. The chart below shows the difference between my original landing page (blue line) and the new landing page with new colors (orange line):

As you can see, the original landing page got an average of 4.5% conversion rate, while the recolored page got 8.7% – almost double the original!

Lesson learned: Visitors to your website are humans. Humans have feelings and react to stimulus. Make sure your website makes your visitors feel safe if you want to engage them and have them take the next step in your sales funnel.


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