Have you ever felt like the world revolves around the same things over and over again?

One of the biggest challenges in Marketing today is to rise above the noise. How to make your message heard in a world where everyone has something to say, and where every message boasts the same benefits and promises of speed, agility, value…

As part of my work, I read through thousands of pages of information. I need to understand what others are doing, how the market is evolving, what can I use to leverage my marketing efforts, what are the new promising communication channels.

What I’ve come to realize is that the so called “noise” is not created by thousands of smaller companies trying to get their message across. In fact, the noise is generated by thousands of people writing and talking about a hand full of large companies, over and over again…

Take my market – high-tech. Now look at 10 or 20 online publications, blogs and “expert” sites. What do you see? Thousands of articles that talk about the exact same thing about Microsoft, Google, the iPhone, Twitter and Facebook.

You’ll need to dig really really really deep to find a story, a review, or commentary about a (new) company which is launching a new (revolutionary) product.Chances are you will not even find that story.

That company is not suffering from the noise generated by competitors in the same market. It is suffering from coverage starvation caused by the big names, and by people who are not able to dig a really interesting story and just repeat what everyone else is writing about.

The sad thing is that this company is actually doing something major, that may be changing the way people and companies work and do business. But who cares?!? Especially when you have a new Windows 7 patch, or the millionth iPhone app just launched?

Chances are you’ll only realize that the company ever existed in the first place when you see a story about it’s acquisition by Google… It makes me feel nauseated!


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