Social responsibility has been a buzz word being used by many companies that want to play “the good guys that worry about people and the world”.

Social responsibility programs are created with the objective of helping people in particular or the society in general.

At OutSystems there is a big group f people who are involved in Social Responsibility programs on their own free time. For example, I’m a passionate member of Kiva.org (the micro-lending organization that connects private “investors” to local “entrepreneurs”). Others help local communities to assist children and the poor.

But being socially responsible doesn’t just have to do with helping people. It can also mean helping companies and organizations. And help is not just giving away funds (a.k.a money donations). Knowledge, experience and advice are all powerful  currencies for companies to grow and prosper.

With this concept in mind, OutSystems has officially announced it’s Social Responsibility program, called OutReach, with a clear motto: “give. share. coach”. The idea is to promote a more transparent society by educating, coaching and simplifying transference of knowledge between companies.

OutReach Workshop

The first practical result of this program is a knowledge transfer workshop about marketing and sales for the web 2.0, targeted at startups and other companies that are starting or are already into an internationalization process.

With this firs initiative OutSystems gives a great first step in the social responsibility direction.

That makes me one proud employee!


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