Here’s a new infographic just been released by OutSystems. It looks at some of the current mobile numbers, hinting some interesting mobile trends.

I especially like the whale comparison: that’s a whole lotta phones!

But what this infographic shows is that a large chunk of your company’s employees have smartphones, and they’re using them at work. It is just a matter of time before employees will start asking IT departments to make the internal applications accessible on their phones. And I’m not talking about fun-like-little-apps to install on the iPhone. I’m talking about that custom built internal ERP and CRM systems that John uses every day, and wants to keep an eye on when he’s on the move. Or that other application that Cindy uses to look at how her marketing campaigns are performing while she’s at Soccer practice with her kids.

All those apps will have to (eventually) be accessible from smartphones… are you ready?

Mobile Trends and Numbers - Infographic
Via: OutSystems


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