If you’re like me, you end up being subscribed (sometimes mysteriously) to a bunch of email alerts, newsletters, and campaigns that eventually start filling up your inbox.

I usually go through a quick click-and-delete process where I quickly scan the email preview and hit the delete button. However, in some house keeping occasions, I think to myself  “these guys keep sending me emails and I’ve never read one because I just don’t care about them. Time to unsubscribe…”

So I scroll to the infamous footer notes in size 5 font and click the unsubscribe link.

What does this have to do with Social Sharing buttons? You’ll see.

10 minutes ago I made one of those unsubscribe decisions. I clicked the link, landed on a gigantic page where I was asked to enter my email address (although it was one of the parameters the page received), scrolled to the very end of the page to find the unsubscribe button and clicked it.

And here it is: the unsubscribe confirmation page

But… what the heck are these buttons doing here?

Am I supposed to tweet to all my friends that I just unsubscribed these boring emails. Or should I share it on LinkedIn to warn my peers that these emails suck?

My take on this brilliant page is that some web guru though  “hey, sharing is the new thing for the web, we need to get these cool and colorful buttons everywhere… let’s do it!”

The best part is that if you click one of these share buttons, like twitter, your tweet will be: “TMCnet News Alerts: http://bit.ly/qpAUam via @AddThis”

That makes sense. I just unsubscribed to a bunch of email I consider useless, and now I’m going to tell the world to go check them out and subscribe. Duh!

I though the Social scene was about being helpful to others, not tweet stuff that we just “unliked”.


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